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Herensociëteit De Reunie

This location is located on the Ooshaven (East Harbour).

Until the mid-17th century there were three buildings at this place.

Thereafter, these three buildings were replaced by the current building.

In 1843 the Gentlemen's Society  The reunion was founded here.


At the beginning of the last century Spiegeltenten-Mirror Tents were showpieces of the fair.

They were assembled and dismantled and moved across the country to entertain people.

The Mirror Tent in Gouda, a music and dance hall, was built by the brothers Reins from Walem (Belgium) in 1912. In 1981 Berry Rutjes Sr. moved the tent to a permanent location in Gouda.

Goudse Waag

The Goudse Waag is a historic monument, built in 1668. Historically one of the three most important buildings in the history of the city of Gouda. Gouda cheeses used to be weighed here.

The monument also houses the Cheese and Craft Museum and a shop with delicious Dutch cheeses. You will also find a nice collection of cheese related items and the collection is complemented with all sorts of nice old Dutch souvenirs to commemorate your visit to cheesetown Gouda.